While I tend to work with specific diagnoses and circumstances (see about page), I understand they impact people in all ages and stages of life. Here is how I approach counseling different age groups.

Drawing Face


Children struggle to

find words. In fact, children communicate best through play, metaphors, stories and art. I use all of these avenues to create a space for children to express themselves. I often work with parents in conjunction with their children to help the home and counseling processes work together. 

Woman Sitting on Street


Teens struggle with identity and isolation in our culture. I use art, music, and a client centered approach to help teens learn how to process and express difficult emotions. My goal is to help them learn who they are, process emotion and learn skills that will help them transition to

young adulthood. 

Man with Mobile Phone


Many adults struggle with ADHD, high functioning autism, anxiety and attachment issues. I use a client centered process to learn your goals, help you find coping tools and avenues for emotional processing that lead you to a healthy life you love.